Common Pregnancy Complications

Motherhood is the dream of every woman starting a domestic life. It is essential to have the cute little angels running all around and creating the sheer joy and happiness across the home. Despite all this excitement and happiness there is one thing that must be kept in mind regarding the journey towards motherhood. It takes a whole nine months to become the lucky mother. This period is not less than a roller coaster rides. Every day seems challenging and comes with new experiences. It is not easy to become a mother. Pregnancy is not an ailment but at the same time it is something that cannot be ignored either. Every pregnancy is not smooth and has several challenges to face. To stay safe, it is essential to understand the risk factors involved in the pregnancy. In order to make sure that the mom stays safe it is better to contact a gynaecologist clinic in Barangaroo and seek proper advice for the future days.

The common pregnancy related risk factors are as follows:

  1. Age

Although after a particular age the woman becomes able to carry a new life but still there are several risk factors involved that are solely because of the age. A mom who is too young or too old is at risk. The doctors recommend that a woman less than 17 years of age and more than 35 years must take good care and be very vigilant during the entire nine months. The women who have crossed four decades of her life can undergo serious challenges like frequent miscarriages, abnormalities and ovarian issues.

  1. medical history

it is very important to discuss the medical history with the doctor. People suffering from cardiac issues, diabetes, blood pressure in the past have to be very careful. It can be really challenging impacting upon their different organs like kidneys, and liver. If a mom was pregnant in the past and there were some challenges in that time, they must be discussed with the doctor.

  1. Medical conditions during pregnancy

Some times in pregnancy the body responds very differently in pregnancy. The healthiest women suffer from certain diseases that are only there for nine months and then they disappear. They can be harmful for the mom and the new entrant in the family. The common medical conditions that are reported in the pregnancy are:

  • Preeclampsia that is a condition including irregular fluctuation in the blood pressure, UTI and unusual swelling over the body.
  • Gestational diabetes is also reported during the pregnancy. If it is not taken care of the women are likely to suffer from the type 2 diabetes in the later times of pregnancy.

Besides these pregnancies related issues there are some complications that arise during pregnancy. The mothers who do not take good care of their health in the nine months can have a challenging pregnancy. The only way to stay safe is to keep track of the entire nine months and in case of any challenge the woman must visit her doctor immediately.

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