The Benefits Of Using Velvet Hangers

There are two ways of organizing your cupboard or wardrobe. One is by folding your clothes and then putting them properly stacked in different racks whereas the other way is to hang them on the hangers. Cupboard gets organized by both of these methods but usage of hangers is more recommended way. The reason for this is that hangers keeps the clothes pressed and prevents the formation of any creases. Moreover, hangers occupy far lesser space as compare to the stacked or folded clothes. Mankind has progressed so much that everything or every product of his invention has also been evolved. Similar is the case with hangers. In this article, we will be discussing about velvet hangers and the various benefits of using velvet hangers.

Velvet hangers:

With each passing day, people try to make something newer and something better than before. Similar is the case with hangers. Even though the invention of hanger itself was great contribution in making a man’s life easier yet people have not stopped there. They are still struggling to introduce newer and better models of hangers. The versions of hangers have evolved a lot, beginning from normal hangers to wired hangers, from plastic hangers to wooden hangers and from s-shaped hangers to velvet hanger.

Velvet hangers are the kind of hangers which are made up of some frizzy material that provides friction and does not allow the piece of clothing to slip. The upper portion of a velvet hanger is shoulder shaped structure while the lower attached surface is thin rod like structure. On the top of the shoulder shaped structure, thin hook is formed which is used to hand the hanger on a rod.

Benefits of velvet hangers:

Nowadays, velvet hangers are much in vogue because of their various benefits. First and foremost, these hangers are quite thin in structure due to which they occupy lesser space as compared to normal hangers. Besides that, they are composed of such velvety material which provides certain friction and does not allow the clothing item to slip off. Other than the above mentioned advantages, velvet hangers are quite durable and long lasting. People often think that they are thin so they will get broken easily but that is just a misconception as they are almost as durable as wooden hangers. Moreover, velvet hangers give a good impression look wise.


There are two ways to organize a cupboard. One is by folding the clothes while the other one is to hang them. Hanging of clothes is more recommendable one as compared to folding method because hanged clothes do not get creased and occupy lesser space. This is the reason that various types of hangers have been introduced differing from wired hangers to wooden hangers and from plastic hangers to velvet hangers. Velvet hangers are quite in vogue nowadays because of their various benefits as they are more durable and are better looking.